I'm an angel of the lord
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5x13: Episode Stills
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"the greatest kiss in TV history because it’s an accidental collision of two egomaniacs"

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Get to know me meme [10/14] Favorite male characters: Jeff Winger
"I’m just a grown man who can’t even look his own friends in the eye for too long because I’m afraid that they’ll see that I’m broken."

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Community Meme:

One/Four Characters- 

"Listen up, Pierce! I’m gonna tell you what my mother told me when I wanted to quit cheerleading. ‘You’re not very pretty, you have no boobs, and you can’t do a basket toss to save your life.’ But you made a commitment. So pick up your pompoms, Pierce, stuff your bra, and get ready for the team bus to forget you at a Taco Bell, because life is tough. But we soldier on, and that’s just the way it goes.-Annie Edison

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One of my favorite moments ever in my acting career has been with Chang fully in tears and it’s a real moment. For Chang to really feel it so deeply, obviously it wasn’t about “Bear Down for Midterms” but something else. You know, it’s just, like, four years of just “Okay, when is Chang going to see some light,” you know. It was really real, it was dramatic and then boom, the punchline still happened. And I’ve never felt that dramatic spin into a punchline. I’ve just never experienced that as an actor before. That sums up Community for me. I’m still becoming a better actor because of the show, I’m learning how to do new things as an actor and to spin those moments. And it all emanates from Dan Harmon. — Ken Jeong (x)

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Gif meme: quotes of Annie insulting Jeff (asked by danascullyisms)

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"Troy and Abed’s friendship has been such a special and magical part of Greendale

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